"Katie is amazing! She takes the time to listen to both the rider and horse and to find what works best for both. Riding is 100% a team sport and my ponies and I are so happy to have Katie and County Saddles on ours!" -Liz, MA

"Five stars for Katie. She is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about horse anatomy and saddle fitting. In a very nice way, she showed me exactly what my 30-year old Crosby saddle was doing to my new quarter horse's back! She was extremely patient as I tried many saddles and styles. I chose a Sensation, and my new saddle is fantastic -- when it arrived she came to the barn, saw that it fit him perfectly, but still asked that I get on him so she could see how it fit as I was riding him. I highly recommend Katie. She helped me a lot and I'm very appreciative..." Karen- NY

"Katie is amazing! She really takes the time to make sure the saddle fits and you and your horse are happy. Highly recommend Katie and County Saddles, esp for those hard to fit OTTBs!" -Jessica-CT

"Katie is the best! 5 ⭐️ she’s put both my boys in County saddles. When my younger horse in training started to grow out of the brand new saddle I bought (due to filling out and gaining muscle), Katie arranged with County to swap out the tree so I didn’t have to get a new saddle! Also highly recommend the bull leather, cant go wrong!"-Dawn, CT